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ISC1000 – CFRP Coating Thickness Gauge

The new ISC 1000 industrial coating thickness gauge from Micro-Epsilon facilitates precise non-contact measurement of coating thickness on non-electrically conducting surfaces such as on Carbon-Fibre Reinforced Polymers (CFRP). 

With a capacity to measure even the thinnest substrates from as thin as 1 μm, the ISC 1000 is ideal for use during final quality inspections either for static measurements or random checks. 

This high-performance sensor is ideal to perform thickness measurement of dry and electrically conductive coatings such as paints or polymers  The ISC 1000 can be used to measure metallic substrates with outstanding signal stability regardless of the electric and magnetic properties. 

The sensors are factory-calibrated, but the end-users can customize the settings based on their intended usage, such as for metals or CFRP. . The device displays the measurement values on a 3.2” resistive LCD touch display. It provides acoustic signals for incorrect measurements and can be used to measure on flat and curved surfaces.

Key features:
  • Measuring Range: 1mm
  • Resolutions: from 1μm
  • Repeatability : 4μm with 0.5% FS accuracy
  • USB Interface
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