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  • Inertial Lab IMU-P – Advanced MEMS Industrial & Tactical Grade Inertial Measurement Units
  • Inertial Lab IMU-P – Advanced MEMS Industrial & Tactical Grade Inertial Measurement Units

    The IMU-P is an advanced, self-contained  Industrial & Tactical grade Inertial Measurement Systems and Digital Tilt Sensor from Inertial Labs. The system consists of three-axis high grade accelerometers and tactical-grade MEMS gyroscope for measuring angular rates, linear accelerations, pitch & roll

    This system’s configuration offers a high measurement accuracy for both dynamic and static applications. The concoction of the high-quality  and latest MEMS sensors technology provides low noise, good repeatability and high reliability. The IMU-P sensor is also temperature compensated and fully calibrated while being mathematically aligned to the orthogonal coordinate system.

    As the IMU-P has continuous built-in-test and configurable communications protocols, it is easy to use across integrated system applications. It also has a protection against electromagnetic interference and flexible power input requirements to suit a wide range of applications

    This MEMS sensor technology finds its applications mostly in antenna & line stabilization systems, passengers trains acceleration, Motion Reference Units (MRU), Motion Control Sensors (MCS), Land vehicles navigation and motion analysis, UAV & AUV/ROV navigation and control, Buoy or Racing Boat Motion Monitoring, Gimbals, EOC/IR, platforms orientation and stabilization.

    Key features of IMU-P:
    PARAMETER                 IMU-P (Tactical & Industrial)
    Operating Temperature  -40 to +85 deg C
    Size 39mm x 45mm x 22mm
    Weight  70 gm
    Measurement Range: Gyroscope ±450; ±950; ±2000 deg/sec
    Measurement Range: Accelerometer ± 8; ±15; ±40 g
    Measurement Range: Inclinometer ±90/±180 deg
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