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  • imc STUDIO – Software for measurement, data analysis, visualisation, automation & control
  • imc STUDIO – Software for measurement, data analysis, visualisation, automation & control

    Imc STUDIO combines many separate tools and analysis functions in an integrated environment. This modular framework allows the user to perform measurements and create individual test configurations in a more efficient way.

    • Hardware configuration and administration
    • Graphical user interface design
    • Visualization and analysis of measured data
    • Real-time analysis and results
    • Setup control
    • Complete real-time test automation
    • Project management
    • Multi-monitoring
    • Integration of real-time simulation
    • Synchronized capture of video and measurement data


    IMC Studio can be used to monitor few to thousands of channels, from quick daily testing to large-scale measurement applications such as design of mobile test stands. Automated monitoring of distributed systems and multi-measurement monitoring are possible


    Available at three different version; Standard, Professional & Developer, to suit different needs, such as standard configuration & display, automated workflow and reporting and higher level of customization, control and integration possibilities.


    It is crucial to have an intuitive approach to all configurations and components of the software. This can be facilitated through the assistance and guidance provided during the setup and configuration processes. One way to streamline these procedures is through drag-and-drop functions, eliminating the need for programming. Additionally, linking test results with meta information, such as text and pictures, allows for a more intuitive data analysis and evaluation. By implementing these strategies, software users can improve their efficiency and productivity, ultimately leading to better outcomes.


    The imc STUDIO provides seamless integration between IMC hardware and software to cover all test and measurement process aspects. Users can set up and configure test processes, with the added capability to visualise, analyse and report test data in real-time. It also has additional interfaces and plugins to support integration from third-party software.

    Open Interfaces

    The imc STUDIO Script is a versatile tool that allows for integrating external hardware components or creating and using private evaluation procedures. This feature will enable users to customize their testing processes to meet their needs and requirements. Additionally, the imc STUDIO offers pre-test integration of additional metadata, real-time input/output, and interactivity. This feature allows for a more comprehensive testing process and can provide users with valuable insights into the performance of their systems. Finally, the post-test storage and analysis feature of the imc STUDIO allows for the seamless management and evaluation of data, which can help identify areas for improvement and inform future testing strategies.

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