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TC32K | Handheld Strain Gauge Data Logger

The TC-32K handheld strainmeter from TML is a one-channel compact data logger for measurement of strain gauges as well as transducers with strain gauge, DC voltage, thermocouple and RTD input. The data can be recorded and stored for maximum of 20 channels, which allow measurement on several sites for later analysis. The data can be stored on the compact flash card and can be transferred to the computer via USB or RS-232C interface. The optional CSW-5B switching board can be used for simultaneous measurement of up to 5 sensors. This battery-operated strain gauge data logger is also waterproof and compatible for outdoor applications.
Key features:
  • Number of channels : 1, maximum of 5 when used with CSW switching box
  • Sensors input : strain, DC voltage, thermocouple, RTD
  • Measuring speed: 12.5 Hz
  • Power supply: 4AA size rechargable battery or AC adapter DC9-18V
  • Optional input: 4-wire strain gauge, TEDS compatible transducers
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