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H102 Heat Exchanger Service Unit

The H102 is a heat exchanger service unit that is used to provide services to different types of heat exchangers. It is a bench-mounted panel with an integral electrical console designed for educational institutes that enables students to perform experiments on 11 types of exchangers such as a concentric tube, shell and tube, plate heat exchangers. The unit is equipped with a hot water system, thermocouples, flow meters, and hot and cold fluids required for relevant heat transfer investigation. An optional computerized data acquisition system upgrade is also available, in case if data logging is required.  Types of 11 heat exchangers that can be used for demonstration with the service unit are:
  • H102A concentric tube heat exchanger
  • H102B plate heat exchanger
  • H102C Shell and tube heat exchanger
  • H102E extended concentric tube heat exchanger
  • H102F extended plate heat exchanger
  • H102G  Water/Water Turbulent Flow Heat Exchanger
  • H102H  Coiled Concentric Tube Heat Exchanger
  • H102J  Recycle Loops
  • H102K  Film and Dropwise Condensation
  • H102M  Water to Air Heat Exchanger Module
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