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H-6910 Wind Tunnel

The H-6910 Wind Tunnel Demonstrator is designed for educational institutes to provide the fundamental air flow facilities necessary to perform Wind Tunnel Experiments. The mobile teaching equipment enables students to measure the lift and drag forces on various shapes placed in the wind tunnels airstream. It demonstrates a variety of aerodynamics experiments and the homogeneous flow through the flow straightener and nozzle contour. The teaching equipment is equipped with a bench, control panel, wind tunnel including an inlet cone, clear experiment section, outlet cone and screen; manual traverse unit, linear track with carrier and main AC circuit breaker.  

Experimental Capabilities:

  • Calibration of Wind Tunnel AirSpeed using a Pitot Static Probe
  • Bernoulli Equation Demonstrator
  • Free Jet Demonstrator/Flow in Bends
  • Boundary-Layer Demonstrator
  • Drag/Lift Force Demonstrator
  • Explore all areas of wind dynamics
  • Dimensions: 69”H x 96"W x 30"D
  • Weight: 1000 lbs
  • Air speed of 0 – 4400 ft/min. or (0 – 50 mph)
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