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Available in the two and three axis, the InertialLabs gyroscope is developed for offering advanced performance, reliability and an ideal device that is perfect for accomplishing complex tasks. 

The InertilLabs gyroscope comes in two types namely TAG-200 and TAG-300. Both are developed to work under harsh environmental conditions, extreme shock and vibrations. With RS-232 and RS-422 interfaces, both the gyroscopes are fully digitalised to match the upcoming requirements. 

It also inculcates a built-in test (BIT) and does not possess any moving parts, which makes it highly reliable and accurate in Line-Of-Site and Pan & Tilt Platforms for stabilization and pointing applications.

Amongst the many other features, the robust TAG-200 and TAG-300 gyroscope boasts of low noise, low latency, wide bandwidth, low bias drift, high data rate, low VRE, high MTBF at a very affordable price.

Both the gyroscope types come fully calibrated, QC tested and acceptance test certificates. Both TAG-200 and TAG-300 gyroscopes are suitable for Electro-Optical Systems and Gimbals while giving superlative performance in every environment.

Operating Temperature -40 to +85 deg C
Size TAG-200/ TAG-300: 39mm x 45mm x 22mm TAG-200-11 / TAG-300-11: 26mm x 19mm x 10mm
Weight TAG-200/ TAG-300: 70 gm TAG-200-11 / TAG-300-11: 10 gm
Measurement Range  ±450; ±950; ±2000 deg/sec
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