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Grips & Fixtures (Extensometer)

Other accessories available:  
  • Load cells (HLC/XLC/YLC Series)
  • POGO system for single & twin column bench test machines (test frame fitted below the machine base to allow testing of very large samples up to 2m x 2m)
  • Splinter shields to protect the user when testing brittle samples that are liable for fragment
  • Temperature testing furnaces & thermal cabinets
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Grips & Fixtures
  • Screws
  • Thread adaptors
  • Thread couplers
  • Eye end adaptors
  • Grip pins
  • Locking rings
  • Load cell eye ends
  • Anchor pins
  • Fixing bolts
  • C-spanners
  • Pogo extension rods
  • Round, square & rectangular compression plates for general compression testing
  • Aluminium for soft samples (cardboard, plastics, rubber, foams, lightweight springs, bottles, cartons)
  • Hardened steel for rubber, plastics, heavy duty springs, building products, composites & ceramics
Compression plates
Bending jigs are used for determining the flexural properties of rigid and semi-rigid materials (glass, ceramics, composites, wood & rigid plastics) which includes:
  • Flexural stress at a given time of test
  • Flexural stress at the conventional deflection
  • Flexural stress at max. load
  • Flexural stress at Rupture
  • Apparent Modulus of Elasticity in Flexure
Flexural (bending) grips for Materials Testing Machines
  • Peeling samples at 90°,180°
  • T-peel & COF
  • ASTM D3167, ISO4578, DIN53289, EN1464 standards
Peel & Friction Grips
  • Single or double actuator
  • Ideal for all types of flat samples, rubber, plastic, film, plastic dumbbells, paper and cardboard, sheet metal, foils, wood, fabrics and composites
  • Suitable for use with the foot & hand controls
Pneumatic grips
  • Vice grips with manual tightening action either buy thumb screw or T-bar
  • Single or dual action, allow for offset sample alignment for shearing testing
  • Ideal for flat samples, rubber, plastic film, plastic dumbbells, paper and cardboard, sheet metal, foils, wood fabrics and composites
Vice grips
  • General tension testing of metals & plastics
  • Grip tightens on the sample as force increases, initial force can be applied by various methods like side lever, capstan action wheel or screw action
  • Faces are interchangeable for different sample types & dimensions
Wedge grips
  • Suitable for a wide range of samples (fibre, yarn, thread, string, rope & strapping tape
  • Sample can be wrapped around the bollard & clamped at one end
  • Ideal for user with an extensometer to calculate true strain in the sample
  • Pneumatic version is available
Bollard grips
  • Self tightening as sample is pulled
  • Ideal for all types of flat samples, rubber, plastic film, plastic dumbbells, paper & cardboard, sheet medal & foils
Eccentric roller grips
  • Single or double actuator
  • Suitable for user with hydraulic pumps
Hydraulic grips
  • Direct connect & options of a connecting chain for self alignment
  • Ideal for testing of small component parts where access is an issue such as electrical & electronic components
Pincer grips
  • Two part fixture
  • Samples are machined dumbbells with metric threads
  • Inserts are available for bolts & screws
Thread head grips
  • Grips with a split-C design which allows the user to wrap the sample around a self tightening roller
  • Samples can be manually pre-tensioned before test starts
Webbing & ribbon grips
  • General purpose precision extensometers designed for testing a wide range of materials (metals, plastics, composites & ceramics) operates in tension, compression & cyclic testing modes
  • High frequency operation is permited & eliminating vibration sensitivity
  • Attachment kit to allow one-hand quick mounting to the sample
Contacting & Clip-on
Two types
  • 1st aims at the plastic & rubber industries to provide accurate readings of strain & extension over a large extension range that allows additional parameters such as yield point & break points to be calculated by NEXYGEN software
  • 2nd type is suitable for user with rigid, semi-rigid & ductile materials
Long travel
  • Measure deformation in 3 & 4 point bend tests, compression testing applications
Deflection gauge
  • Suitable for both the measurement of material constants as well as “long travel” applications
  • Mounted on an adjustable frame which is attached to the tensile testing machine and it’s possible to adjust the video extensometer to the optimal position within the chosen work area
  • 8 different lenses for optimal focus are availble
Video (Non-contacting)
Food Texture Jigs & Probes
  • Dough extensibility, stickiness
  • Creep/relaxation
  • Firmness/hardness, fracturability & springiness
  • Bread firmness AACC(74-09)
  • Puncture of thin breads, pancakes & tortillas
  • Cutting resistance
  • Hardness of bread crumbs
  • Tensile strength
  • Firmness/hardness, gumminess, fracturability, stickiness, & springiness
  • Flexural strength
  • Tensile strength
  • Chocolate bar firmness
Confectionery & Snacks
  • Firmness of whole fruits/vegetables
  • Firmness of peas, sweetcorn & beans
  • Extrusion properties of soft fruits, peas, beans, corn & processed fruit/vegetables
Fruit & Vegetables
  • Pasta stickiness
  • Spaghetti/noodle extensibility
  • Pasta firmness
  • Bending strength
  • Spaghetti firmness
Pasta & Rice
  • Firmness/hardness, crispiness, chewines
  • Flexural strength
  • Shear
  • Toughness of cooked meat
  • Firmness
  • Cutting strength
  • Rapid slice shear force
Meat, Poultry & Fish
  • Consistency of yogurt & cream based products
  • Firmness/hardness of cheese, butter, margarine
  • Gel strength ISO 9665
  • Spreadability of butter, margarine, spreads
  • Tensile strength/extensibility of cheeses
  • Viscosity of yogurts & sauces
  • Creep/relaxation of butter & cheese
  • Cutting resistance of butter, margarine, cheese ISO 16305
  • Work softening of butter & margarine
  • Ice cream firmness
Gels are widely used in food, cosmetics & pharmaceutical industries. NEXYGENPlusstandard test methods for Bloom strength (GME & GMIA):
  • Insert an AOAC probe a fixed distance into the gel;
  • Recording the max. force
Test types:
  • Bloom strength AOAC;
  • Bloom strength BS757
TA1 can be configured into a dual texture analysis & packaging testing machine by changing fixtures:
  • Tensile strength
  • Puncture resistance
  • Heat bond peel strength
  • Tearing strength & coefficient of friction
Test types:
  • Tensile ASTM D412, peeling, tearing;
  • Carton erection
  • Friction ASTM D1894
  • Top loading
  • Puncture
A complete line of grips and fixtures for material and product testing on Lloyd Universal testing machines and texture analyser.
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