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Elovis µSpeed Laser Surface Velocimeter

The µSPEED Laser-Encoder from Elovis offers fast measurement of speed and length with a measurement accuracy of ± 0.05%.  With these non-contact measurement systems, users can replace tactile speedometers/rotary encoders and machine drives to achieve contact-free and maintenance-free operations.

The µSPEED laser velocimeter operates based on the doppler principle and determines the current speed and path length based on the interference pattern from the intersected two laser beams.  Therefore, it can measure almost any type of surface including light, dark, black, reflecting, matt, structured and rough surfaces without changing any parameters or settings. Users also do not need to recalibrate the equipment before any measurement tasks.

All these high-end characteristics are enclosed in a compact design to enable measurement and integration in areas where space is restricted and limited. The measurement values can be displayed as either digital quadrature output or as ASCII string through a serial interface. This speed sensor also comes with industrial BUS and Ethernet interface for easy communication with industrial interfaces. It has been used extensively in the industrial control cutting process and differential length and speed measurement.

Accuracy ± 0.05%. ± 0.05%. ± 0.3%.
Direction Bidirectional Unidirectional Unidirectional
Repeatability ± 0.02% of measurement value (except SMART ECO)
Measurement range 0-20m/s 0.02-100m/s 0.02-100m/s
Stand-off distance 115mm 240mm 240mm
Protection IP67
Dimension 154x 94 x 39mm
  • Length measurement of foil, paper, cable, flat cables, textiles
  • Cutting control of pipe/profile extrusions
  • Cut-to-length control of cables and wires
  • Roll cutting in roof membranes
  • Length measurement of ropes in braiding machines
  • Speed measurement of cylinder and roller
  • Portable speed measurement of machines components
Available with accessories such as:
  • Terminal box connection
  • Shielded cables up to 50m
  • Display counter and control unit
  • Tripod
  • Configuration software
  • Bus-module
  • Protective casing (Air-cooling, water-cooling, heat exchanger, air purge)
  • Height adjustment unit
  • Laser protection
  • Optional battery module with data logger
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