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  • DR-2208/ DR-2508 | Rotating dual range contactless torque sensor
  • DR-2208/ DR-2508 | Rotating dual range contactless torque sensor

    Dual Range Torque Transducers offer the advantage of having two measuring range with two calibrated operating ranges in one sensor. They also have the same dimensions as the standard torque sensors. This configuration offer significant advantages as one sensors can be used to accurately measure across wide range of torque. No retooling time is required and only one coupling pair is needed for one sensor. The dual range torque transducer is generally equipped with good overall protection, particularly in the smaller measuring range.

    Bestech supplies dual range torque sensors with DIN standards accuracy class of 0.1 and a measurement range from 0.5 N.m to 20000 N.m. This enables range switching and high peak-to average ratio torque measurement. In particular, if the peak torque is unknown, dual range torquemeter can be considered reduce the risk of damage from unexpected torque spikes. These Torque transducers are primarily used for test and measurement applications in automotive and process engineering, aeronautic industry and electric motor manufacturing, as well as applications in research and development laboratories, production and quality assurance fields

    Key features:
    • 0.1% accuracy
    • Nominal torque range from 0.5N.m to 20000N.m
    • Speed up to 15000 min-1
    • Integrated angle and speed measurement
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