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CL-1902 Electromagnetism trainer

The CL-1902 Electromagnetism trainer is designed for educational institutes to physically demonstrate, test, measure, visualize and experience the principles of electromagnetism. The training equipment enables students to get a hands-on experience of electricity and magnetism on modern vehicles, including electric and hybrid drives.

This robust training equipment can be set up within 5 minutes and can be used individually per student to gain guidance through their learning process. The CL-1902 electromagnetism trainer includes a compass, magnetic field indicator, 3” bar magnet, 5” ferrous rod and 5” non-ferrous rod with a storage place for all components.

Experimental Capabilities:

Physical experiments-

  • Visualizing magnetic fields
  • Feeling the attraction and repel of magnetic fields
  • Visualizing mutual induction
  • Demonstrating operating principles of relays and solenoids
Dimensions: 56 cm (22 in) W x 56 cm (22 in) L x 13 cm (5.25 in) H
Weight: 12.7 kg
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