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C100 Internal Combustion Engine Test Stand

The C100 internal combustion engine test stands from PA Hilton is a regenerative engine testbed used in educational institutes to allow students to investigate the performance of a range of optional internal combustion engines. The provides experimental work for students who are pursuing studies in the fields of energy conversion, thermodynamics, plant & process engineering, mechanical engineering, fluids mechanics and automotive engineering. C100 provides useful information for the analysis in both fundamental thermodynamics and heat engine theory. The measured parameters through the unit allow students to experience a wide range of measurement techniques and instruments. Its experimental capabilities include-
  • Measurement of Torque-Speed and Power-Speed curves for an internal combustion engine
  • Measurement of Specific fuel consumption at a constant speed and varying output
  • Measurement of Engine-Thermal efficiency and Air-Fuel ratio
  • Measurement of Investigation of engine friction at a range of engine speeds
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