Automotive Training Equipment

Bestech Australia partnering world leading manufactures provides automotive training systems, demonstration and simulators. As all models make real-life situations part of the curriculum that helps students hone skills they are required in practice.

Bestech Australia has expanded its product line in technical teaching trainers to meet the teaching requirements of Universities, TAFEs, RTOs, Industry and the Defence Department.
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Engine PerformanceEM-140 C: Custom Gasoline Engine bench trainer EM-140 GM : GM Ecotec 2.2L Engine Bench EM-140 G4FD: HYUNDAI/KIA 1.6L Gasoline Direct Injection Engine Bench EM-200-22 EVAP: Evaporative emissions trainer EM-200-14: Coil-on-plug ignition system trainer EM-300-1: Fuel injection and GM Engine management trainer EM-610: Custom half vehicle trainerConsulab
Electrical/Electronic SystemsCL-1919-05: OHM’s law & DC circuits trainer CL-1918-3S: Single sided automotive lighting system trainer EM-200-05: Power seat system trainer EM-200-06: Wiper & washer system trainer EM-200-11: Blower motor system trainer EM-200-18: Electric power steering trainer EM-200-25: Speed & position sensors trainer EM-200-02D4H: Power window system trainer for 4-door Hyundai EM-500-01: Alternator trainer with external voltage regulation MP-1918-1S: Single sided CAN-Bus Multiplex trainer MP-1918-1D: Double sided CAN-Bus Multiplex trainerConsulab
Braking SystemEM-122-1: 4-Wheels ABS trainer EM-123-2: 2-Wheels Hydraulic brake trainer EM-123-2D: Double-sided brake trainer EM-123-4-CIVIC: 4-Wheels Hydraulic brake trainer for Non-ABS Honda CIVIC Consulab
Suspension & SteeringEC-140-15: Cutaway electric assist power steering EM-130: Suspension and Steering trainer EM-200-18: Electric power steering trainer EM-300-07: SRS Air bag trainerConsulab
Heating & Air ConditioningAir conditioning & Climate Control System EM-101: HVAC training bench with double zone automatic control EM-2000-HB-RR1234yf: Air conditioning system trainer with H-Block (TXV) and R1234yf EM-2000-HB: Air conditioning system trainer with H-Block(TXV) EM-2000-OT: Air conditioning system trainer with orifice tube EM-2000-TXV: Air conditioning system trainer with TXV HV-101: Heavy vehicle HVAC trainer 810: Automotive air conditioning training unitAutoEdu Consulab
Manual Drivetrain & AxleEM-200-28: Driveshaft angle trainer EC-1101: Cutaway manual transaxle EC-1103M: Cutaway 4×4 drive train with manual transmission EC-410: Cutaway viscous coupler EC-1120: Cutaway hydraulic clutch system trainerConsulab
Automatic transmission & transaxleEM-1100: Planetary gear set trainer EC-1102: Cutaway continuously variable transmission (CVT) EC-1104: Cutaway automatic transaxle – Chrysler 41TE EC-1105-1: Cutaway automatic transaxle – GM 4T60E EC-1106-1: Cutaway Allison transmission – 1000 seriesConsulab
Engine RepairEM-200-19: Cutaway starting system trainer EM-145C-1: Engine stand with starting station – Custom EM-145S-5: Engine stand with starting station – GM 2.2L Ecotec EM-145S-2: Engine stand with starting station – Hyundai/KIA 1.6L EM-145S-3: Engine stand with starting station – Toyota 1.8LConsulab
Hybrid/Electric vehicleEM-200-29: Hybrid Planetary gearset trainer EC-2001-09: Cutaway hybrid scroll type A/C compressor EC-140H: Cutaway toyota prius hybrid drive trainConsulab
Light DieselEM-140D: Custom Light Diesel Engine Bench The bench may be modified to suit the following engines: 2011 & Newer Ford Powerstroke GM Duramax 6.6L 2013 & Newer RAM Cummins 2009-2011 Volkswagen TDI 2.0LConsulab
Heavy diesel/TruckEC-490: Cutaway diesel exhaust aftertreatment system HV-950-B6.7: Diesel engine bench -CUMMINS EPA 2017 B6.7 HV-950-C7: Diesel engine bench, CAT C7.1 Tier 4F HV-950-JD6.8: Diesel engine bench, John Deere 6.8L Tier 4F HV-950-DD15: Diesel engine bench, Detroit Diesel DD15 EPA 2013 EC-950: Cutaway diesel engine HV-950: Custom heavy diesel engine trainerConsulab
Truck Brakes/Mobile HydraulicsHV-125: Bendix tractor and trailer, air brake simulator without ABS, ATC HV-125B: Air brake trainer with WBENDIX ABS, ATC HV-125BWP: Air brake driving simulator HV-125P: Bendix advanced air brake trainer with ABS, ATC, ESP HV-125W: Air brake trainer with Meritor WABCO ABS, ATC HV-126-DISC: Air brake disc trainer HV-126-DRUM: Air brake drum trainerConsulab
Automotive troubleshooting trainersH-AUTO-ICS: Charging system H-AUTO-SB: Storage battery H-AUTO-BS: Braking system H-AUTO-CS: Cooling system H-AUTO-SS: Starting system H-DAACS-CSI: Air Conditioning H-AUTO-AH: Automotive heating H-AUTO-LS: Lighting system H-AUTO-ED: Electrical diagnosis H-AUTO-FDS: Fuel delivery systemHampden
Diesel engine systemsDiesel engine cutaways: Caterpillar engine cutaway on mobile stand (H-CAT-3116-CA) Humvee engine cutaway on mobile stand (H-HMMWV-6.2/6.5-CA) Detroit engine cutaway on mobile stand (H-DET-8V-92TA-CA) Hampden Humvee cutaway transmission (H-HMMWV-4L80E-CA) Four-cycle diesel engine simulator (H-CD-46C-CA) Palletized load system air brake with cutaway axle (H-PLS-BSTT) Diesel engines: Caterpillar engine on mobile stand with Dynamometer (H-CAT-3116) Detroit engine on mobile stand with Dynamometer (H-DET-8V-92TA) Mechanical maintenance: Ball valve cutaway with base (H-1500-BVC-B) Globe valve cutaway with base (H-1500-GVC-B) Plug valve cutaway with base (H-1500-PVC-B) Safety relief valve cutaway with base (H-1500-RVC-B) Diesel engine simulation systems: 4-Cycle, 6-Cylinder Digital diesel engine simulator (H-CD-46-RC) 2-Cycle, 4-Cylinder Digital diesel engine simulator (H-DD-24)
    • Automotive A/C Sytems Trainers;
    • Automotive Troubleshooting Trainers;
    • Engine Performance;
    • Electrical/Electronic Systems (CAN Bus & Hybrid);
    • E-Learning (PC Based Systems);
    • Brakes;
    • Suspension & Steering;
    • Heating & AC;
    • Manual Drivetrain & Axle;
    • Automatic Transmission & Transaxle;
    • Engine Repair;
    • Hybrid Technology;
    • Fuel Cells.
    • Diesel Engine Simulation Systems;
    • Light/Mid Duty Diesel;
    • Heavy Diesel;
    • Truck/Heavy Diesel;
    • Truck Brakes;
    • Mobile Hydraulics.
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