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Ahlborn 710A Universal Data logger

The Ahlborn 710A is a portable data logger that performs the static measurement and data acquisition of temperature, pH, conductivity, humidity, dissolved oxygen in laboratory environments. This system can take up to 10 measuring inputs for all generations of Almemo sensors and provides a sampling rate of up to 100 measurements per second.  The measured values are displayed in color graphics that can be operated with a touch-screen. The received data can be displayed in various forms such as bar graphs or line charts for easy interpretation.  The 710A Universal data logger has a capacitive touchscreen with additional 3 touch keys for increased screen clarity, contrast, and resistance to moisture, dirt, and grease. It comes with a powerful lithium battery that is rechargeable and ensures a long operating time. The device can be used as a desktop unit or a mobile unit, as per users’ requirements. This universal data logger works perfectly for mobile data acquisition of Almemo sensors as it can accept the input from all new and already existing sensors, including the latest D6 and D7 digital sensors. 
Measurement Inputs: 10 ALMEMO® input sockets for ALMEMO® sensors, all generations, analog sensors, D6 and D7 sensors
Sampling Rate: up to 100 measurements/sec
Graphics display: 5.7- inch TFT LCD VGA, 640X480 pixels
Illumination: White LED, dimmable capacitive touchscreen
Memory: 8- MB flash memory
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