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Introducing world first modular robust data acquisition system


Bestech Australia is pleased to announce the release of the new robust data acquisition system from imc Test and Measurement GmbH, imc CRONOS-XT. This ultra-robust data acquisition system is available in modular configuration and suited for applications in harsh and industrial environment.

The unit consists a base data acquisition unit and multiple signal amplifier modules. The modules can be easily connected with just a click to form a complete system. The CRONOS-XT is rated with IP67 protection class and MIL-STD810F. This certifies that this system thoroughly tested for protection against dirt, dusts, water, shocks and vibrations.

With the modular building blocks technology, the imc data acquisition system is an ideal unit for any test and measurement requirements in your laboratory. A wide range of measuring amplifiers are available to cater for almost all sensor types including thermocouple, RTD, DC signals, IEPE, LVDT, strain gauges and many more. They are available with wide measuring bandwidth and 24-bit digitization to generate precise and accurate signals.

The imc CRONOS-XT is perfect for mobile applications due to its modular configuration and independent of main power supply. It also offers GPS feature for reading of movement and positioning data. Example of applications of imc CRONOS-XT is measurement on construction machinery such as tractors, agricultural equipment as well as vehicle testing applications in harsh environment.

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