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High-speed Data Acquisition for Fast Dynamic Processes



Bestech Australia announces the release of a data acquisition system that allows integration with voltage, current transducers and IEPE sensors for acceleration, sound or force measurement at four isolated inputs. It can measure voltage signal up to ±100 V at very high speeds. The high-end measurement system can be operated synchronously with other imc data acquisition systems in a single comprehensive measurement task. This enables easy measurement of complex parameters with a wide variety of mechanical and physical quantities such as strain, pressure, temperature and voltage as well as process quantities from controllers and field buses. 

The imc EOS data acquisition systems feature four galvanically isolated precision amplifiers for perfect signal quality even in demanding electromagnetic environments. The signal can be input via BNC or LEMO connection, which is selected based on the sensor in use. The acquired signals are digitized with 24 bits at up to 4 MHz per channel and the analog bandwidth extends to 1.8 MHz. The imc EOS system is operated with either direct interactive PC control or as autarkic systems. The integrated flash memory allows data storage of up to 1 TB independently of a PC. The configuration and data visualization is performed using the comprehensive test and measurement software imc STUDIO. It gives users full control over the complete measurement process, i.e. from channel configuration to report.

The high-speed data acquisition technology makes the system suitable for the analysis of very dynamic processes in material testing, vibration analysis and component testing. Typical applications include crash tests, ballistics testing, pyrotechnics and blasting tests in rocket propulsion, turbines and jet engines. The imc EOS can also be employed in automotive applications such as fuel injection and ignition processes analysis, data acquisition on high-frequency vibration of motors, transmissions and suspension and investigation of switching action and highly dynamic actuators. 

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