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Compact Laser Micrometer for distance-independent Measurement


Bestech Australia announces the release of a new laser micrometer designed for measuring dimensions in production lines in both continuous material and single parts. The optoCONTROL 2520 provides a high resolution measurement of parameters such as diameter, gap, height, position and segments. It has a wide measuring range and allows variable mounting distances for measurement. The micrometer is configured via the web interface and enables the parameters set up of video signal, filter and different measuring modes. It also displays readings and limit values along with the selection and application of filters. The micrometer does not require any external controller as it is integrated with a controller protected to laser class 1M. Another variant of the laser micrometer is available which allows small gaps and PINS to be detected. 

The laser micrometer works on the transmitted light principle in which the transmitter produces a parallel light curtain transmitted via a lens arrangement into the receiver unit. If an object is on the light path, the beam gets interrupted. Additionally, the target object can be placed at any position within the light curtain and the distance from transmitter to receiver can be up to 2 meters. The micrometer is completely wire-free as it operates without rotating mirrors. It is equipped with high quality components in the receiving optics such as filters and lenses that enable the high accuracy of the micrometer. 

The optoCONTROL 2520 laser micrometer can be used in production and quality monitoring in production lines to measure both continuous material and single parts. It is capable of performing measurement on several objects and output several values simultaneously. Typical applications include measurement in pulleys, thickness measurement of films and rubbers, position detection in sewing machines, bearing shell detection in automotive manufacturing, measurement in restricted spaces and diameter measurement at conical constrictions.

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