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6DoF Sensor for measurement of linear and rotational dynamics


Bestech Australia announces the release of the new six degree of freedom sensor (6DoF sensor) from Endevco. The Endevco 7360A accurately measures the acceleration and angular rate of an object in three orthogonal axes. The conventional methods of using multiple array of linear accelerometers and angular rate sensors to measure the dynamic interactions of moving objects. This requires massive initial investment and spaces for installation. This compact one cubic inch 6dof sensor offers a reliable and factual measurement data to support the analytical results, rather than giving data based on assumptions on the dynamic interactions, without taking up much space for installation.

This 6dof sensor from Endevco provides data output in analog format. This provides the user with an advantage to troubleshoot the data to its source and compare it to its time history. Its way of presenting and examining output makes it ideal to be used in tests, measurements or in an R&D environment. This offers a significant advantage over the conventional inertial measurement sensors where data is presented as it is.What makes this sensor special is that it can measure at a very low range of acceleration and angular rate. This unique feature offers accurate characterisation of a moving object.

The Endevco 7360A is the one-stop solution to studying linear and rotational characteristics of dynamic objects. It can conveniently gather information and parameters with respect to acceleration and movement of the object. The sensor has a wide range of applications in the automotive and aircraft development. In addition, all the CSM’s (Centres of seismic masses) in this sensor are located at a very close proximity. This makes it easier to study the mechanics of a complicated system, since a CSM is the point where any uniform force acts on an object. Therefore, the approximations given for an object dynamics are very close and accurate. All these unique features are ideal for vehicle dynamics testing. The other areas of applications include testing in aircraft and flights, an automotive rollover sensor and missile testing.

Key features of the Endevco 7360A:

    • Measurement range

    • Accelerometer: 2 – 500 g
    • Angular rate: 100 – 18000 deg/s
  • Temperature range: -40°C to +100°C
  • Weight: 35 gm
  • IP67 protection

Download Datasheet for Endevco 7360A

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