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Wastewater Treatment

Modern urban wastewater treatment plant.

Smart solutions for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment

Wastewater from the municipal sludge and industrial processing needs to be treated before it can be safely discharged to nature. There are many treatment methods; from aerobic, anaerobic, gravity, etc. The wastewater treatment industry has harnessed these technologies to generate clean water and generate valuable by-products to be used for renewable energy generation, fertilizers and so on.

Today, the industry must cope with the problem stemmed from rising living costs. Customer demands more with less, leaving the industry to source innovative solutions to manage operations with the more energy-efficient process, less staffing while maintaining the standard of the discharged effluent water.

Mostly, it can be done by replacing older equipment with the newer original equipment. The newer technology often offers capabilities to be integrated with smart sensors, data acquisition and can be remotely accessed and operated from the main control room. Therefore, it fuels the importance to integrate reliable sensors to drive automation, such as in optimizing pump operation in the pressure sewage systems, protecting the pump from cavitation.

It is also important to not overlook the training and quality of the workers. When the employees are more technically adept, they are far more likely to avoid costly mistakes and know how to maintain the equipment to maximize its lifetime.

When the treated water leaves the factory, it is a valuable resource that can be reused by the entire ecosystem and can be further treated into drinkable water for the continuation of life.

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