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Lip Gap Measurement in Paper Manufacture

A headbox is an equipment used in the paper machine used to supply very low consistency stock into the forming section uniformly. It is the main functioning unit that decides how much thickness the paper would have. The lip gap at the headbox having a width of about 4 to 6 metres determines this thickness. Thus, to have a uniform production of paper, it is important that the gap between the upper lip and lower lip is constantly monitored.

To perform this measurement, non-contact eddy current displacement sensor by Micro-Epsilon are preferred. The sensor is fitted either to one or to both sides. The measuring target is the steel or aluminium plate fitted opposite to the sensor. The sensor is suitable for use in harsh industrial environments and can also be used with water and other aggressive liquids. These sensors have excellent temperature stability and have a good operating life.

The Eddy Current sensors are suitable for harsh environment (pressure, dirt, temperature) operations where a high precision result is required. These sensors can perform measurements on both ferromagnetic and non-ferromagnetic materials. The sensors exhibit a frequency response of upto 100 kHz and can even operate in high speed processes for detecting oscillations and vibrations.

Sensor technology used:

Eddy current sensors