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Marking detection on cosmetics bottles

Companies that manufacture CNC screen-printing equipment to be used to print on a variety of containers made from plastics, textiles, ceramics, or glass witness high demand for color sensors. Not just for the purpose of color measurement but for testing, detection, and positioning tasks as well. Particularly, it’s crucial to determine the exact position for printing when printing on semi-transparent glass-ceramic bottles. Here, a space-saving solution is offered by Micro-epsilon’s color sensor colorSENSOR CFO100.

This sensor helps to detect the embossment on the bottle that works as a reference mark for identifying the exact printing position. If the sensor does not find any embossment on the bottle, the bottle can be rejected immediately. Thus, it performs a part of quality control as well. colorSENSOR CFO100 has much more to offer. It has a favorable price/performance ratio and results in waste reduction. The sensor is designed to work in all conditions inside the machine.