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Inline colour measurement of injection moulding parts

Color compliance plays a major role when it comes to plastic injection moulding plants. As the pieces are extracted from the mould, the color of the product changes as it begins to cool. The conventional measuring system could only detect color change after the product has been cooled. This results in the wastage of the product since they become inappropriate to be taken for the next stage of production. Thus, an early detection of this color change is very important in this case in order to prevent the products from being wasted.

Bestech Australia offers colorCONTROL ACS color measurement system from Micro-Epsilon for inspecting the products at an early stage, i.e. as soon as they are extracted from the mould. The system uses a color correlation that is empirically determined between the warm and cold pieces and automatically checks the color at an early stage than before. The system gives an accuracy of about ΔE < 0.1 and is ideal for high-speed operations.