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Position of piston in hydraulic excavators

Hydraulic excavators are used in the mining industry for performing tough mining jobs such as demolition and other tasks related to moving large amounts of materials, such as minerals, from one area to another. The excavator use hydraulic cylinders for creating mechanical force in a linear motion. A hydraulic cylinder comprises of a tube  capped at either end with a rod sticking out of one side, which is attached to a piston separating the internal rod side from the internal cap side of the cylinder. Now, in order for the hydraulic cylinder to function well, the piston rod must be bored through its center. Special sensors are used to detect the postion of piston hydraulic cylinders.

Bestech Australia provides magneto-inductive sensor for performing such tasks. The sensor is mounted outside the cylinder while a magnet is integrated into the ferromagnetic piston rod to transfer its magnetic field to the piston rod. Then, the sensor detect the magnetic field distribution and based on the detection, the piston position is located.