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Monitoring the condition of infrastructure and equipment

The on-site equipment and infrastructure in a mining site need to be regularly monitored for health and compliance concerns. Although, due to the site being remotely located in a very less accessible location, the condition monitoring becomes very tough. To know the condition of an equipment, it’s good to know the vibration level of the equipment. Wireless accelerometers are ideal for use in this situation for dynamic measurement on embedded equipment.

Bestech Australia provides BeanAir SmartSensor Series for  vibration analysis, movement detection, structural health monitoring (SHM) and inertial measurement. The setup and integration is fairly easy, with no wiring required for assembling. These sensors have measuring ranges from ±2g to ±24g. They are based on MEMS technology, allowing for remote monitoring and control tasks through a wireless sensor network. The measurment system consists of a wireless sensor, integrated with sensor power supply, micro-controller, radio transceiver and a data logger. To avoid the exposure of ignition sources to the combustive environment, these sensors are sealed inside a box for safety.