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Mapping the profile of the underground mine

In a mining site, some crucial operations such as expansion of the mining site for operation and ensuring the safety of a site require proper mapping of the site. Since an underground mine has significant areas of rock mass movements and surface displacements, it is highly prone to slope instabilities with risks to personnel, equipment and production. Hence, mapping of the underground site is done using a long-range laser sensor for tracking the autonomous guided mining vehicles in the underground mine environment.

The optoNCDT ILR series sensors by Bestech Australia provide non-contact measuring techniques for up to 300 m without reflector and up to 3000 m with reflector. Their measuring range enables measurements in critical or ambient environments. These sensors includes a laser diode producing short laser pulses that are projected onto the target, which then reflects light that is recorded by the sensor element. Thus, to determine the distance, the time of flight of the light pulse to the target and back is calculated.