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Gap analysis in axial piston pumps

Often used in slow-moving machines that lift, turn or grip objects, the axial piston pump is a device for converting kinetic energy into hydraulic lift energy. The inside of the pump is a cylinder with a piston that rotates between two fixed plates that helps to create hydraulic pressure. For efficient operation, it is important that all mechanical parts rotate properly. To ensure this, the gap between the components and friction must be minimum. In such cases, we require a sensor that is resistant to high speed and pressure, just like eddyNCDT inductive miniature sensors.

This sensor belongs to Micro-epsilon and is known for its temperature stability. Here, an eddyNCDT 3300 eddy current measuring system is used on the test rig for evaluating the pumps. By measuring the gap through this system, it can enhance the efficiency of axial piston pumps. Also, you do not have to worry about the integration of the sensor in a limited space as their compact size makes them suitable for use in such applications.