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Detection of airflow and pressure in mines

A major concern of safety in the mining industry is the proper ventilation in the mine. Not taking care of underground ventilation may lead to reduced air quality, reduced oxygen levels, and even a build up of toxic gases. Therefore, monitoring and measuring airflow in mine shafts is indespensable to ensure operational efficiency and compliance with safety and health statutory requirements. Pressure sensors are used for the detection of airflow and pressure in the mines.

Bestech Australia offers special wireless sensors facilitating industrial pressure sensing with RFID wireless communication and data logging. The 21D RFID series from Keller is based on chip-in-oil technology to measure pressure. The pressure sensing technology is uses a combination of piezoresistive pressure sensor with RFID technology allowing wireless reading and collection of pressure measurements and downloading of logged data.  The sensor features hermetically sealed stainless steel housing filled with oil for pressure transmission and a pressure transducer along with an ultra-energy-efficient compensation electronics with I2C interface.