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Detecting hot spots in a mine

In coal mining sites, due to the presence of moisture content in the coal and its volatile nature, combustion of coal becomes a significant hazard and is required to be monitored at its early stage in order to take appropriate controls to prevent accidents such as fires, explosions, asphyxiation, loss of life, equipment and resources. Using thermal imaging camera, these hot spots can detected at an early stage and such mining hazards can be prevented.

Bestech Australia provides thermoIMAGER range of thermal imaging camera for this purpose. The sensors are ideal for temperature monitoring during melting, hardening and forming processes. The sensor features a USB interface and the license-free TIMConnect software supplied allowing a temperature measuring range starting from -20°C and can go upto 2450°C. This temperature range can be used without any sub-ranges. These camera produces an electrical signal proportional to the infrared radiation emitted by the target object and amplies this signal to produce an output signal proportional to the object temperature.