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3D measurement of components prior to plasma cutting

In automated plasma cutting systems, processing vessel and boiler covers require a very high precision in  shape and position. This scanning and evaluation process takes place in very high speed. Hence, a high-speed reliable measuing system is required in this case. Sensor technology from Micro-Epsilon aids in determining the real shape and exact position of the domes within the production line.

ScanCONTROL 2900 laser scanners from Micro-Epsilon are used in this process for carrying out the precision profile scanning. Since the results from the CAD data differs from the actual dimensions, the 3D profile of the covers is evaluated and the exact dimensions are then determined using the 2D data generated from the scanner, which is connected to a 6D scanner position system. These laser scanners are compact in design and are suitable for inline integration.

The profile scanner gives an exact linear detection of edge position with its high resolution.  The sensor is easy to adjust and provides a large measuring range and a higher measuring distance. The laser scanners are available in different classes (Compact, Highspeed and Smart) to fit a vareity of user requirements.

Sensor technology used

Laser profile scanners