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Quality control of medical tablet stamps and dies

Quality control of press tools is an essential aspect of the medical tablet stamps and dies manufacturing process. It includes different types of automatic inspections to ensure that all components of the finished product are checked to pass all the quality standards. Although these inspections are affected by the complexity and reflecting surface of the tablet, using the right device can help to gain the desired outcomes.

Here, a confocal sensor-confocalDT 2451 and the optical micrometer-optoCONTROL 2600 work together to provide precise measurement results. The combination of these two instruments as well as a precise 5 degree of freedom movement facilitated the development of “Ti-1”, a system that is used for geometric and visual inspection of tools. Regardless of whether you are measuring the diameter, main axis, total length, or any other dimension of stamps and dies, Ti-1 will serve you the purpose efficiently. Furthermore, it comprises a USB interface along with specific software that supports measurement and movement to take place simultaneously. This, in turn, ensures automatic quality control of significant tool parameters.