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Fine positioning of a surgical microscope

Surgical Microscopes are used by surgeons to get a clear and perfect view of the operating area. The microscope has its optics mounted to long arms on a stand to enable the surgeons to position the microscope and give them more room to move while performing a surgery. The long arm needs to be adjusted at the pivot points continously to give the surgeon the desired view throughout the procedure.

This is done using capaNCDT 6019 capacitive measuring system that supports calibration of the CSE05 sensor to two switching points. The capacitive measuring system measures the distance to the reference area reflecting the arm movement in the pivot joint. A switching signal is generated by the system on sensing a very large deflection from the reference area, hence resulting in the arm to return to its original position. The capaNCDT 6019 is a compact measuring system known for its high precision and the long-term stable switching point. The system is so powerful that it can replace an already integrated switch-based scanning system without the need for re-designs.