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Contact lens measurement

Contact lens manufacturers conduct various material tests on clear, flexible polymer samples to ensure better quality. During the test, the material samples are submerged in a saline solution for hydration. Measuring dimensions inside a saline solution when the material is stretched or heated is a very challenging task. To perform this type of measurement effectively, non-contact sensors are preferred.

Bestech Australia provides special non-contact sensors to give accurate dimensional measurements. ThruBeam model ODC2600-40 sensors are used for this purpose with a dynamically adjustable threshold that allows the user to fine-tune the sensor enabling it to see the polymer sample’s edges with optimum clarity. A curtain of LED light is transmitted through the sample kept in the saline water enclosure and the segment mode of the sensor allows for a very distinguishing view between the enclosure walls, saline bath, and test sample edges. This ensor technology is ideal for usage in high-speed applications.