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Confocal measurement of dental samples

The materials used in dental fillings are examined for surface deterioration and robustness to ensure that the materials are suitable to be used for dental procedures and examinations. To measure this deterioration, the KF-30 measurement system is introduced that uses non-contact confocal measurement sensors to detect the surfaces of different materials and generates a three-dimensional representation as output. 

Bestech Australia provides confocalDT 2451 sensors from Micro-Epsilon that are used in this measuring system. These sensors are also used in research labs for measuring the chewing surfaces for dental materials and to analyse the resulting wear. A visual representation of the surface is provided by a CCD camera that marks the required area directly in a live image. This measuring system is efficient enough to measure up to 8 surfaces automatically. The confocalDT 2451 sensors are capable of achieving a technical resolution of 0.12 μm and provide a long-service life.