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Non-contact body temperature measurement using thermal imaging cameras

Better temperature screening is now more affordable with the Acrovision AFS-100 Fever Screening Solution. With thermal imaging cameras, ambient reference radiator, and monitor, this system can spot elevated body temperatures and help to monitor the health of people in public institutions, such as airports, schools, and hospitals. The solution is based on the use of Micro-Epsilon’s thermal imaging camera thermoIMAGER TIM QVGA-HD-T100. A TM-BR20AR-TIM ambient reference radiator is also used for compensating the deviations caused by system applications and ambient temperature. 

With a thermal sensitivity of 40 mK and a frequency of 80 Hz, it delivers real-time recordings. Thanks to its small size and high portability, you can use it at any location without difficulty. It also has a USB port that makes it easy to set the device up or take it down in a short amount of time. The high resolution and accuracy of this thermal imaging camera make it the right choice for temperature measuring applications.