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High-resolution fine positioning when printing PCBs

When printing PCBs, fast and precise positioning is required in order to avoid tolerance issues and ensure a perfect print. During the printing, soldering, and assembling process, it is crucial to ensure that the print head is at the correct height from the surface. This is because any deviation in the position of the print head can lead to printing errors. Therefore, a non-contact measurement technique is preferred that can provide accurate positioning measurements.

To support this task, an optoNCDT laser sensor from Micro-epsilon is used. With its high-resolution fine positioning when printing PCBs, the optoNCDT laser sensor enables the precise positioning of the print head and provides the precision required to ensure a flawless process. The measured values provided by sensors are used to adjust the height and to detect the edges. The optoNCDT sensors are used for this purpose because of their ability to deliver accurate results even in the presence of surface reflections.