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Thickness and volume measurement of potato slices

Thickness of potato slices used for making potato crisps directly has an impact on the taste and quality of the crisps. They can’t  be made too thin or too thick, in order to avoid these crisps getting burnt or having soft core remains after cooking. This is why it is important to maintain a consistent thickness throughout the production. Sensors have a long way to go in this industry, saving a lot of time and giving reliable results. 

ScanCONTROL 2950-50/BL sensors by Micro-Epsilon are considered appropriate for this application. A laser line is projected by the sensor onto a conveyor belt, which continuously guides sample slices along it. The sensor comes with a software that uses simple image processing algorithms to determine the average thickness, planarity and the total volume of potato slices. These sensors facilitate the inspection of potato slices right after cutting with a direct intervention into the process parameters.