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Quality control in chocolate production

In the production of chocolates, quality and perfection are the major things that are constantly monitored. It is ensured that production errors such as deformations, holes in the surface or undesired protruding edges or even the slightest deviation from the structure are not there. To enforce this, highly reliable quality control equipment are used that involve a smooth production procedure. Bestech Australia provides sensor technology suitable for this kind of application, thereby providing high-precision results. 

The scanCONTROL 2960-100 laser scanner by Micro-Epsilon is added to the processing line during the chocolate production. The sensor comes with scan-CONTROL Configuration Tools software that enables easy setup and process the data provided by the scanner. The scanning takes place at a rate of more than 60 m/min and the scanner detects each profile of the finished chocolate bars without contact and transmit this to the software. These sensors are independent of contrast and cannot be affected by the surface properties of the conveyor belt or the color of the chocolate.