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Ensuring package integrity using Leak Testers

Packaged food products require complete protection against moisture, oxygen or biological contamination that can incur due to even a minor leak in the package. These factors degrade the quality of the food contained in these packages and raise a concern on food safety due to contamination. A perfect sealing reduces deterioration, retains the beneficial properties of processing, extends product shelf-life and maintains the quality of food. Hence, to ensure that the food packaging is upto the mark and highly reliable, several leak testing systems have been introduced in the food industry with both destructive and non-destructive measuring methods. 

Bestech Australia provides solutions and products to facilitate reliable leak testing techniques. We offer a leak testing system by Sealtick that utilises a non-destructive vacuum decay testing principle providing very fast and accurate results. The Sealtick 6086b system can detect very tiny leaks upto few microns indicating the presence of coarse or fine leaks based on the pressure decay rate. Food items such as to-go snack packs, sandwich packs, salads, beverages, animal foods, pharmaceuticals, medical products are suitable to be tested in this system.