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Dimensional Testing of Cans for the Food Industry

In the production of can, it is important to ensure that the fabricated cans and can-lids are of accurate dimensions and shape so as to prevent any food leakage or rotting due to rodents or moisture ingress. Thus, it should be strictly monitored if the packaging is done properly in an airtight seal. Failing to do so may lead to costly batch sealing failures. To avoid this situation from happening, special non-contact automated measurement testing machines are developed to monitor the seal integrity of the cans and to ensure dimensional uniformity. 

Bestech Australia presents an optoNCDT laser-optical sensor by MicroEpsilon which is used in this testing machine to determine the exact location and dimensions of the corrugations, the unfolded seam stitching height and the nominal core-height of the lid. The sensor doesn’t get affected by variations in basic container material colour or illustrations presented in a wide variety of colours on the cans or the can-lids.