Displacement measurement on wind turbine rotor testers

Test rigs are developed for performing load testing on wind turbine rotor blades to simulate real loads caused by high winds and storms in order to avoid destroying the expensive rotor. During this process, rotor blades up to 70m in length are tested, as per a new rig test developed by the Fraunhofer Institute IWES in Bremerhaven. Due to mechanical loads experienced during the test, the rotor blades are proned to distortion by up to 10m. Because of this, the rotor blade is mounted horizontally in the test rig.

To measure these distortions, 12 draw-wire sensors by Bestech Australia are used. This measurement system uses two sensors per traction point to measure the deflection and torsion of the rotor blade. The robust aluminium housing and simple handling led by these sensors make them the ideal choice for this application. The sensors have a measuring range between between 3m and 10m and can be configured to provide digital signal outputs for further simulations.

Draw wire sensors are ideal for integration and subsequent assembly in high volume OEM applications such as automotive, medical, etc. These sensors gie an advantage of extending the measurement scope using  deflection pulleys. Thus large measuring scales can also be achieved using these sensors.

Sensor technology used:

Draw wire displacement sensors