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Surface inspection of instrument panel

There are various industrial automation processes that require a surface inspection system in order to ensure quality manufacturing. The surfaceCONTROL2500 3D sensor is unique in being the only device of its kind that makes it easier to carry out inspections on diffuse reflecting surfaces on the component. The sensor generates 3D surface models from non-contact measurements and delivers them to software for further analysis. These sensors are also used for surface inspection in car manufacturing procedures. The interior parts of cars are inspected by sensors to check for sink marks and waviness. 

These dents are majorly caused by mechanical stress or heat input during processing and are very small in size, but they can influence the quality standard of the vehicle. These marks cannot be seen under normal lighting conditions, but they can cause passengers to complain. With Micro-Epsilon’s surfaceCONTROL2500 3D sensor, it is possible to detect these discontinuities in a fraction of seconds. The sensor is controlled with the help of surfaceCONTROL DefMap3D software that analyzes the acquired 3D measurements. This early detection not only helps to avoid reworks but also contributes to cost reduction.