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Surface inspection of car attachments (here: fuel filler flaps)

In every industry, the quality of the finished product matters. Customers demand perfection, and they won’t be happy unless the products meet their high standards. Similarly, the visual appearance of automobiles is as important as the car’s functional components. To ensure flawless product inspection, many companies use optical sensors that provide the detailed inspection of objects like fuel flaps and charging flaps. For a completely reliable inspection, using the surfaceCONTROL2500 3D sensor from Micro-Epsilon is the best choice among the available options. 

These sensors perform the crucial function of measuring the fuel filler flaps and charging flaps before the painting process in the production plant. The sensor is capable of detecting the smallest defects on the surface so that proper actions can be taken to avoid further inconvenience to the customer. It generates a 3D point cloud from the surface for the recognition of deviation in the micrometer range. Furthermore, the surfaceCONTROL InspectionTools software analyzes the acquired data. In case, the inline system for process monitoring and control is required the same sensor can be used in manual inspection.