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Measuring the distance from the road in motor racing

When it comes to motor racing, some of the smallest details can have an enormous impact on the outcome of a competition. A racing and engineering team must work together in order to find the perfect balance between speed, durability, and safety. To best aid this process, Micro-Epsilon’s laser ride-height sensors are used to monitor the vehicle’s suspension in real-time, which helps them make sure that their car’s setup is optimal. Renowned teams such as Mücke Motorsport opt to get every possible inch they can by using the best-facing technology available, like Micro-Epsilon’s ILD1420 laser triangulation sensors. 

These sensors help to provide live data for measuring the distance from the road. The measured values further determine the deformation of the tire. Not just this, but the optoNCDT ILD1420 sensors possess the quality to resist high temperature, shock, or vibrations when equipped with vehicles. These sensors are compact and can be considered a space-saving alternative in motor racing.