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Inline burr measurement on sheet edges in car body manufacturing

In car manufacturing process, due to punching and cutting at the edges of raw material sheets, burrs are likely to be formed which may hamper the process of applying corrosion protection layer by reducing the thickness of the layer. Such areas may corrode over time, making the automobile less efficient and thereby damaging it. Therefore, it is necessary that the thickness of these burrs are identified before even beginning the painting process.

Bestech Australia offers a Plug & Play system by Micro-Epsilon that provides high precision results with its high point resolution of approx. 8μm along the laser line in order to recognize burrs reliably even during inline measurements. The scanCONTROL 2910-10/BL sensor is applied onto the robot that monitors and scans over the edges of the cut and punched sheet metal parts for burrs. Based on the measurement profile thus obtained, the height and width of the burr are evaluated directly in the scanner, which are then transmitted to the fieldbus via the scanCONTROL gateway.