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Gap monitoring in car interiors

The interior of a car is the first thing a customer observes in a car and it plays a major role in the sale. Hence, even a minor fault can impact the decision of the customer who shows interest in the purchase. These faults revolve around the width and height of a gap and the gap between the single cockpit elements such as the centre console or door trim. Therefore, these gaps should be carefully measured and monitored for quality control. 

The gapCONTROL profile scanner by Bestech Australia inspects the gaps of all parts in the car interior during final assembly. The scanner is applied on a robot arm that enables a quick scan to detect a number of different gaps in the interior of a car in static mode. This measurement is performed within a fraction of seconds. The measured values are then processed and a signal is sent to the control system if the values measured lie within the tolerances defined by the customer.