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Gap and flushness measurement of car bodywork parts

During car manufacturing, it is important to give an utmost importance to design along with technical aspects for ensuring customer satisfaction. Hence, certain minor flaws such as different gap sizes on both sides of a bonnet and a door that doesn’t close flush cannot be overlooked. To measure gap, the conventional method of using manual feeler gauges is no longer a preferred approach, since it is time-consuming, costly and more prone to human-errors. To fulfil this requirement, special purpose sensors based on unique software algorithms are introduced. 

Bestech Australia presents gapCONTROL gap sensor to detect the gap and provide output of values such as gap width, flushness, angle, etc with a single fast measurement within a fraction of a second. The exposure time can be adjusted according manually or by using automatic scanner regulation which also enables the measurement of different bodywork colors from white to black. The sensor can also be configured to measure gaps between dark and bright surfaces.