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Distance measurements in robot positioning tasks

Automotive production is so complex that it’s hard to imagine even the most advanced production line operating without sensors. Precise positioning of individual components at every stage of assembly plays a key role in ensuring the highest quality in the finished car. There are a lot of robots on the assembly line, who all have one job to do. The sensors help the robot to install components to their correct position. When the vehicle body reaches a certain position on the line, it should stop, particularly in the case of cockpit assembly. 

However, this isn’t as easy as it sounds. And that’s where the laser sensors from Micro-Epsilon come in: when the car body gets to the right position, the laser will activate and it will be recognized by the assembly robot. The quick response time of optoNCDT ILR1030-8/LC1 time-of-flight laser sensors makes them a perfect fit for this purpose. They are simple to integrate into the assembly line and compact in size. The best part is that they work on the non-contact measuring principle which means that it will not influence the car body in any way.