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Position monitoring of aircraft wings

The wings of the aircraft have slats on the front side and flaps on the rear side which act as buoyancy aids. Therefore, they need to be checked for unevenness in their dimensions and size to ensure the  aerodynamics of the aircraft isn’t disturbed. Spindle drives are used to retracted and extend the slats and flaps of aircraft wings. The spindle is connected to the drive motor in the gear bay via the drive shaft. To prevent any uncontrolled movements of the floating head and avoid any uneven extension of the slats and flaps, a Wing Tip Brake is positioned on the shaft in the outboard wing area. 

During this process, special inductive sensors made from ferromagnetic stainless steel by Micro-epsilon are used to check the position of the brake shoes. Bestech Australia provides induSENSOR IS-5-C-CR/WTB’ inductive sensor that communicates the status of the Wing Tip Brake as either ‘open’ or ‘closed’ to the on-board electronics system. This sensor is highly reliable for aerospace applications and ensures the safety of modern wide-body aircraft.