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Monitoring cabin pressure in aircrafts

An aircraft generally ascends several hundreds of feet high in the air and at this height, the pressure gets significantly low, thus providing a very limited amount of oxygen to breathe. To cater to this situation, cabin pressure is provided to ensure that flyers can breathe comfortably the entire trip and no health issue is faced. To accommodate fresh air into the cabin, jet turbines on the outside of the aircraft spin and compress air as it makes its way back into the plane. Pressure sensors help in this case to measure air pressure during the entire journey to ensure that all parts of the pressurization system are fully functioning.

Bestech Australia provides sensors by Keller series ranging from 3L to 10L suitable for monitoring the cabin pressure in aircraft. These sensors are stainless steel transducers with crevice free diaphragms for high performance, stability, and exceptional quality. Each transducer is supplied with a calibration sheet indicating sensitivity, linearity, zero offset, temperature errors and the compensation resistors to substantially reduce zero offset and zero temperature errors.