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Print head positioning using laser triangulation sensors

Precision is crucial when printing small details on materials such as glass and ceramics. When printing on such types of materials, it sometimes becomes difficult to ensure that the printer’s printhead is at the exact position as desired. Nevertheless, correct positioning of the print head is the basic requirement for obtaining high-quality prints — which means that optoNCDT 1420 laser triangulation sensors from Micro-Epsilon are a must-have. 

Micro-Epsilon’s laser triangulation sensors are widely used in diverse industries including the printing industry. optoNCDT 1420 laser triangulation sensor helps to position the print head at the right distance from the surface. It is done by analyzing the data provided by the sensors. This data is acquired by the control system that helps to determine the edges of the surface to be printed. Apart from easy adaptation, the Plug & Play configuration of the sensors makes it the ideal choice for high-volume applications.